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Thank you for visiting our website.   It is dedicated to the Alumni Members, Staff, and Management of the Giles Yellow Jackets Drum & Bugle Corps.  The site is a work-in-progress and there will be additions of new features, articles, photos, memories and stories, as time goes on.  So please check back often.

We will also feature any Drum Corps that are interested in joining in on our website.

The Yellow Jackets were the first African American competitive Drum Corps in the United States, and in the coming months we will feature information not only about the Yellow Jackets Corps but also on many of the Corps that we have met on our journey as an active Corps from 1931 to 1965 and after. 

"Mr. John M. Turner was the "early life experience" motivator of his time. He was an honorable man who saw the talent in Black youth and who gave guidence and inspiration to the teenagers of that era of times which helped to prepare them to meet the challenages of the future.  Thereby achieving success in their own right in the field of music as well as other professional acheivements in life. I personally would like to say, 'Thank You Mr. Turner' Better late than never. " says Lowell "Cookie" Thomas.

If you were or if anyone you know was a marching member or affiliated with the Yellow Jackets please contact us as soon as possible.   We would like to have everyone included in this website.

We welcome submissions of photos, articles, and memories that any of our Drum Corps brothers and sisters may have to share with us.  We would also appreciate it if you would sign our guestbook and leave any comments you may have.   Thank you ... and come back often.

With this update we would like to thank

Steve Vickers (Drum Corps World Newspaper & Website)

Reginald Henry & Harold Barber
(St. Rita's Brassmen)

Bogie Reeves, John McClellan, Glenn

Purtell, Ron Green & Larry Johnson
(DesPlaines Vanguard)

Cathy Letourneau
(Vanguard Voice Newletter Editor)

We would like a photo from every African American, Hispanic & Asian Drum Corps around the world. 
See who we have so far. 

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Here's a "Did You Know" or two submitted by Reginald Henry regarding Drum Corps in New York City.

"Speak Your Mind" is our "Forum" section.  Our first "Forum" subject is "THE PROS & CONS OF OLD CORPS vs NEW CORPS AND THE DIFFERENCES THAT EFFECT THE AVERAGE KID" .  Join us ...

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"True Drum Corps Love Never Dies"

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"Discipline, Values and Feed Corn"

Here is a VERY interesting article submitted by Reginald Henry (St. Rita's Brassmen).  It is from the website of Drum Corps World Magazine.  Thanks to Steve Vickers (Owner, publisher) for allowing us to post it in it's entirity.  It is the sentiment of every Alumni Member I have talked to all around the country.  "Bring Drum Corps back to the Neighborhood kids!"

"21st Century Drum & Bugle Corps Foundation"

The Foundation's Purpose

1. To assist non-profit organizations in starting new junior drum and bugle corps around the United States to involve more young people.

2. To maintain an "equipment bank" of used bugles, percussion equipment and uniforms, and make it available to start-up groups.

3. To plan and implement or assist at management seminars for individuals who wish to learn about how to start a drum and bugle corps.

4. To publish several books on the history of the drum and bugle corps activity and use the profits to perpetuate the foundation's other programs

The Drum and Bugle Corps Activity

The drum and bugle corps activity can trace its modern-day roots back to the end of World War I when veterans returning from Europe established hundreds of adult drum and bugle corps throughout the United States.

These groups, whose primary purpose was to march
Please read on ...