"Did You Know" ... that there must have been a million and one All Black Drum and Bugle Corps in Brooklyn and the NYC area ( most non competitive , in terms of being on the field)

But the Big Four Black corps in NYC were...

1) Mininsink Warriors ( NYC )
2) Wynn Center Toppers ( BKLYN )
3) Carter Cadets ( BKLYN )
4) Riversiders ( BKLYN )

Then ...

5) Travelers ( BKLYN )
6) Scarlet Lancers ( Queens )
7) The Queensmen ( Queens )
8) Medina Temple ( BKLYN )
9) The Manhattanaires ( NYC )

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DID YOU KNOW ... that

The St. Rita’s Brassmen were the last National Championship Contender to come out of the state of New York.  They competed from the late 60's and early 70’s. The Brassmen origins were deeply rooted in the St. Joseph Patron Cadets also from Brooklyn, New York (organized in 1959 as Sea Cadets disbanded in 1968 only change, Parish uniforms to another Brooklyn location the same year). The Corps came to fame in 1971.  Their show stopping enactment of a “riot” on the field (with orange tear gas and gas masks) and a mock attempt at trying to take the American Flag down.   Stopped by the “police/rifle section” and reuniting of the corps after running on the field to finally join ranks in four platoons. The whole scene concluding with bugle calls and the haunting West Point Alma Mata Cords being played into the exit.   An Eastern Corps Power House, under three DCA Hall of Fame instructors, Carman Cluna, Hy Dreitzer, Eric Perrilloux.

This Corps took a stand and choose NOT to be an original DCI Corps member.