Ted Chapman
(Giles Yellow Jackets)

"Discipline, Values & Feed Corn"

In Giles Yellow Jackets Mr. Turner would call your house if you didn't come to practice or if you did ANYTHING wrong and you got your butt whipped.

Mr. McClellan (John & William's father) and Mr. Bebe would help the less priviledged kids with family financial problems.  They really believed in family values.  Come to think of it, most of the kids from Giles were less priviledged.  Most of us had to walk miles to come to practice no matter what type of weather.

When the cops would patrol the blocks in the neighborhood of the hall after curfew, if a kid had a horn case of drum sticks in his hand, they'd wave and keep going to the next block, and pick up the kids without the equipment.

I remember that on the way to a contest we stopped next to a cornfield.  When we left we all had ears of corn in our horn and drum cases.  Later when we took the corn home to be cooked, we couldn't eat it.  It turned out to be "feed" corn.

Those were some great times!

Ted Chapman