I saw your posting at Des Plaines Vanguard. I'm a good friend of Jay Mc Guffin. I used to read your articles in Drum Corps Digest. Never knew you were a part of The original Vanguard. You guys were one of my favorite Mid-western Corps.

I marched in St.Rita's Brassmen from Brooklyn, NY from 70-74. Then I did Skyliners 80's and then 90's. I'm a drummer. I have that wedding shot they placed of you in Drum Corps Digest circa 71 I think. That was my favorite mag. What happened?? Actually, why doesn't the drum corps community have more magazines? That's another story I suppose. Thank God for Steve Vickers or we would have nothing.

Our web site is currently down for changes. It will be up by mid-June again. It gives a NYC perspective as well as historical on our contribution to the activity. 

Did you save any of your DC Digests?? Take care. I also have pixs of African American corps that made an impact on the activity. Do you know the names of any when you marched?

Harold (HB) Barber
St. Rita's Brassmen

Hey Toni,

Harold Barber educated me as to who you are!

I then did my "Google" homework and came up with this hit.

Reginald Henry

Hi Toni,

I'm sure you don't remember me, but My name is Marshall Cheatham and I marched with the Hornets.  I currently live in Columbus, Ohio and have started a youth Drumline called The Saints.  I have been Blessed with 30 kids aged 7-15 and they make a lot of noise.  Are you guys trying to rekindle that old school flavor Drum Corp?  Or are you just trying to find some old members?  Please let me know, because I might be able to find some of your former members that marched with the Hornets. 

GOD Bless!

Marshall Cheatham

Hello Toni O'

I marched in the Hornets from 1971 to 1980.  Leon Jones got me hooked on Drum Corps as a kid taking me down to the Plummer's Union practices with his son, Mike Jones. When I got old enough, I was a true Drum Corp Nut. 

Working with youth here in Ohio allows me to give back some of what I got as a kid.  I marched with Clarence Jordan, Bruce Wilkerson, Arthur (Pete) Robinson (South Shore Drill Team) etc.  I want to turn my Drumline into what Pete has done with South Shore Drill Team. I have always told myself that someone needs to make a movie  documentary on the history of Black Drum Corps in Chicago. Its truly an untold story. 

I got your info from a guy here in Columbus that I met at a Capital Regiment show.  He wasn't sure if I marched with The Hornets or Giles, but he passed your e-mail on.  He can't stand the New School Corps, because they don't teach anymore.  They are Elite Super Bands.  He teaches Drumline at a small H.S. outside Columbus, but he has assisted me in all possible ways.  He agrees that DCI killed the Neighborhood Corps.  Whatever I can do to help swing the pendulum back to the Old School teaching days I'm on it.  Please tell Steve Vickers I said hello.  Maybe one day I will have a Corps, but right now all I know is Drums.  Maybe you know someone that lives in this area that wants to start an Old School Color Guard, High knees, White boots and all!

Peacen ... Marshall Cheatham


I am one of the founders of our web site ( also I am a Drum Corps Nut, who happens to be an African-American also ) living in good Olde Brooklyn, USA, New York !

I am VERY Proud to have viewed your site and to read about your history and know that there was an all "Ebony Corps" out there in the World of Drum Corps competing.

Our corps was ethnically and racially diverse , with a good representation of African and Italian Americans working together as one !

Please visit our site and please sign our guest book !

Reginald Henry
St. Rita's Brassmen

I was not a member of the yellow jackets, I was in the Lancers out of ST LOUIS, MO.
The years were from 1960 to 1970 .  So I am not a alumness of the yellow jackets.
My years in drum corps I've played almost every instrument .  My main instrument was
the contra bass.

Thank you for your intrest .
Major Stewart