Vince with Vanguard in New Orleans
from the collection of Toni'O

(photo from the New York Times Model)

Vincent Chancey marched with the Yellow Jackets from 1963 to 1965 on soprano and after the Corps folded he moved on to the Desplaines vanguard.  He had also marched with the Golden Hawks and instructed the Hornets horn section.  He attended Southern Illinois University where he received a Bachelors of Music Education degree and the NEA Award.   After graduation from college he moved to New York City and has worked as a musician for 32 years playing French horn and composing music.    He is performing at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. with the Diane McIntyre Dance Company.   He has traveled the globe and played in many many countries with many artists.  He has 2 CD's of his own and has performed on over 150 others.

He and his wife LeilaMae have one son, Bahij, who is 14 years old.

Some of his memories with Giles are:
1-Being the youngest member and getting it from the older members,
2-Long rehearsals at the Giles Post and getting arrested for curfew because he was too young to be out after 10pm.
3-The hot links from "Lems Barbeque" under the EL tracks down the street from the Giles Post.
4-Long MandM practices in Washington Park on Sunday afternoons.
5-Rehearsing in the Armory looking at all those big guns and Army vehicles.
6-Never getting a uniform that fit, everything was too big.
7-Those cold parades down State Street in Chicago in the cold winter weather.
8-Looking at the instruments of some of the other Corps, wonderinf if I would ever play an instrument better than what we had.
9-Meeting some very special people, looking forward to seeing them again.

(photos from a Japanese magazine)

Vincent (french horn) with Brass Fantasy '84